Lecture plan:

1. (PK2) Economic growth (5hrs): Chapters 1, 3, and 4 of IMEG, Chapters 1{8 of

IEG, Chapter 14 of rmt , and Chapter 9 of RMT. The basic growth model and

recursive methods; Chapter 2 and 4.3 of RMT.


2. (PK2) Growth, cont'd.


3. (PK2) Growth, cont'd. Labor markets (4hrs): labor supply (static and dynamic)

and labor demand from Theory Ahead of Business Cycle Measurement by Prescott,

Chapter 9 of RMT, and the search-matching model of unemployment from Krusell,

Hornstein, and Violante (2008).


4. (PK2) Labor, cont'd.5. (PK2) Labor, cont'd. Inequality (1hr): Chapter 10 of RMT.


6. (JH) Business cycles. (See Syllabus for John’s part)

7. (JH) Business cycles, cont'd.

8. (JH) Business cycles, cont'd.

9. (JH) Business cycles, cont'd. Asset prices.

10. (JH) Asset prices, cont'd.

11. (PK1) Public finance. Optimal taxation in the growth model. Chari & Kehoe (1998).

12. (PK1) Public finance, cont'd.

13. (PK1) Public finance, cont'd.

14. (PK1) Public finance, cont'd