Empirical Macro Course Info

The course MatfuII starts on October 30 and classes are held at Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.00-12.00. There will be 3 assignments.

Here is the schedule.

The teachers will be Anders Warne, John Hassler and Paul Söderlind

The reading list for Anders Warne's (the first) part of the course.

The reading list for Paul Söderlind's (the second) part of the course.

The reading list for John Hassler's (the last) part of the course.

If you plan to attend the course, send an email to John Hassler so I can put you on my sendlist.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes for John Hassler's Part. Chooes the pdf format if you have the pdf viewer installed and want a more accurate page layout.

Lecture Notes in html format and Lecture Notes in pdf format

Problem Sets

Problem set III by John Hassler


Last updated December 11, 1996