Macro I 2000 Course Info

This is the first in the two course sequence in macroeconomics. This sequence is compulsory for doctoral students at SSE/SU. Classes will be given on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.00-10.00 at SSE. There will be compulsory assignments and seminars given by the TA Martin Ljunge.

The teachers will be

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Prerequisites and preparations

Other information

The reading list.

The schedule for classes.


Lecture Notes

Note: These notes are from last year and are still premliminary. Final lecture notes will be posted before each class. We do, however, not plan any major changes.)

I. Consumption, Fiscal Policy and Risk (by John Hassler)

II. Economic Growth and Fluctuations (by Fabrizio Zilibotti)

Problem sets by Martin

Information about seminars with Martin Ljunge



Last updated January 21, 2000