Preliminary and subject to change

Wednesday August 9

13:00-14:00 LUNCH


14:10-14:15 Welcome and presentation


14:15-15:15   Session 1 Components of Uncertainty

Presenter: Vegard-Høghaug Larsen Discussant: Filip Rozsypal


15:15-16:15   Session 2 The effects of ECB’s conventional and unconventional monetary policy on Norwegian asset prices

Presenter: Saskia ter Ellen Discussant: Stine Louise Daetz


16:15-16:30   COFFEE


16:30-17:30   Session 3 Multinational Firms and Business Cycle Transmission

Presenter: Dominik Menno Discussant: Sergio De Ferra


17:30-18:30   Session 4 External imbalances between China and the US: a dynamic analysis with a life-cycle model

Presenter: Julia Niemeläinen Discussant: Ella Wold


18:30-19:00   Session 5 Competition, Financial Constraints and Misallocation: Plant-Level Evidence from Indian Manufacturing

Presenter: Simon Galle


19:30              DINNER at Smögens Havsbad


Thursday August 10


07:30-08:20   BREAKFAST


08:30-09:30   Session 6 Sluggish Mobility and the Stock and Flow of Employment Opportunity

Presenter: Axel Gottfries Discussant: Kurt Mitman


09:30-10:30   Session 7 Risk Aversion, Unemployment, and Aggregate Risk Sharing with Financial Frictions

Presenter: Priit Jeenas Discussant: Ming Qui


10:30-10:45 COFFEE



10:45-11.45   Session 8 The Importance of Timing Attitudes in Consumption-Based Asset Pricing Models

                        Presenter: Kasper Jørgensen Discussant: Tobias Broer


11:15-11:45   Session 9 Bubbles indicator

Presenter: Simon Juul Hviid


12:15-13:10 LUNCH


13:10-13:40   Session 10 Should bank capital requirements be flatter because of credit constraints?

Presenter: Gene Ambrocio


13:40-14:40   Session 11 Long-term Unemployment Dynamics and Unemployment Insurance Extensions

Presenter: Wongkot Similan Rujiwattanapong Discussant: Yikai Wang


14:40-14:50 COFFEE



14:50-15:50   Session 12 Consumption Dynamics under Time-varying Unemployment Risk

Presenter: Erik Öberg Discussant: Marcus Mølbak Ingholt


15:50-16:20   Session 13 Sparse Expectations: A Unified Explanation of Forecast Data

Presenter: Alexandre Kohlhas


16:30-18:00   Football


19:30-             DINNER at Sea Lodge


Friday August 11


07:30-08:20   BREAKFAST


08:30-09:30   Session 14 The Optimal Quantity of Capital and Debt

Presenter: Hans Holter Discussant: Hakki Yazici


09:30-10:30   Session 15 Default Cycles

Presenter: Wei Cui Discussant: Kathrin Schlafmann


10:30-10:45   COFFEE


10:45-11:45   Session 16 Aggregate Demand Externalities in a Global Liquidity Trap

Presenter: Federica Romei Discussant: Michaela Schmöller


11:45-12:45   Session 17 Keynote speech by Annette Vissing-Jorgensen


12:45-13:45   LUNCH


14:00 -17:00 An afternoon at the beach or on the sea (A trip to famous Hållö Island will be organized)


19:00 DINNER (West Coast Crayfish Party) at Smögens Havsbad


Saturday August 12


08:00-08:40 BREAKFAST


08:45-09:45   Session 18 A Theory of Structural Change that Can Fit the Data

Presenter: Andreas Mueller Discussant: Jeppe Druedahl


09:45-10:45   Session 19 On the Distribution of Wealth and Labor Force Participation

Presenter: Minchul Yum  Discussant: Timo Boppart


10:45-11:00 COFFEE


11:00-12:00   Session 20 Employment, Earnings, and Children

Presenter: Tobias Laun Discussant: Matti Koivuranta